II. Capture Screen with Cursor on Mac

Thanks for the solution. Purchasing my upgrade now.

How to show the mouse cursor in screenshots with Preview

Pratik Desai 3 Posts 0 Reply Likes. Have been facing the same issue here. Why should I buy version 4 and trust a product which couldn't provide support for a major bug in its previous version? Should I keep buying latest version if techsmith can't fix bugs? I already addressed this on your other comment, but the problem isn't the software. It's that you upgraded the OS underneath it and it's no longer compatible. TechSmith can fix bugs, and they did fix this bug. They fixed it in the supported version. If v3 had still been the current version when this had occurred, I'm sure they'd have fixed it in v If there are bugs with your older version why aren't you alerting us that there are updates to purchase?

I had no idea there was an update till I read through these posts. Blake Freeman 2 Posts 0 Reply Likes. My version is showing the same as Stacey above, "current" at 3. I've already paid for a license once. What's going on? Is there no fix for a major defect in a previous version? The problem only exists on a version of macOS which isn't supported by 3. Sierra is only supported by 4. If you want to continue upgrading your OS to the newest versions, your software needs to be upgraded to support those same OS versions.

How to take a screenshot on a Mac

Old software always eventually stops working as things are upgraded. Basically, buy a new version, every time there is a new Mac OS. It is like a subscription service. For just a simple screen capture software. If you don't like your software breaking, then don't upgrade it. Any of it.

How to get a mouse cursor HIGHLIGHT TOOL in Mac

That includes your OS. Software developers are not required, nor should they be speaking with 20 years of experience here , to maintain old versions of software just because you wanted to keep upgrading your OS. It works on the OS it was designed for. It broke when you changed the OS and the OS changed things which made it incompatible. That's not TechSmith's fault.

Taking a Screenshot with Cursor Using Grab

It's not "like a subscription service" in the slightest. You got your software. You can use it forever on the OS it was designed for.

You are right. I'm having the same issue - this was initially fixed on Sierra by restarting the helper, but just yesterday it started happening to me again. If someone could take a look that would be super! I use and recommend Snagit constantly. Hi, What version of Snagit are you seeing this with? This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled SnagIt version 3. When i try to capture a screen, Snagit it display a huge cursor like the one you can see below Is it a way to fix it?

Chris Larson 6 Posts 4 Reply Likes. We have fixed it in the most recent version. If you don't want to upgrade at this time, there are a couple options: You can either use the shortcuts mentioned above or take screenshots manually, the same as High Sierra as shown below. In addition to the various screenshot options, you can now also choose to record your entire screen or a selected portion from the new interface.

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After taking a screenshot, click the thumbnail in the bottom right corner to edit your image with text, shapes, highlights, and more. For more help getting the most out of your Apple devices, check out our how to guide as well as the following articles:. Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news: Likewise, the two video-recording buttons let you record your entire screen or a selection of it.

On the left is an X button to close the screenshot panel, but you can also just hit the Escape key to exit out. On the right side is an Options button. It lets you choose where to save your screenshot -- Desktop, Documents, Clipboard, Mail, Messages or Preview -- and set a 5- or second delay so you can line up items that might otherwise disappear when you engage your screenshot tool. By default, the Show Floating Thumbnail option is enabled, which puts a little preview thumbnail of your just-capture screenshot in the lower-right corner of your screen, similar to the screenshot procedure introduced with iOS 11 and with which you are intimately familiar should you own and operate an iPhone X.

Unlike your iPhone, you can turn off this preview thumbnail on your Mac. Lastly, you can choose to show your mouse pointer in a screenshot or video. If the screenshot panel is in your way, you can grab its left edge and drag it to a new spot on your screen. If you embrace the Floating Thumbnail, then you'll gain quick access to Markup tools to annotate your screenshot.

You can swipe the Floating Thumbnail away or just let it slip away on its own and it'll be saved to the spot you last saved a screenshot.

Mac OS X: Mouse Keys | Disability Resources & Educational Services - University of Illinois

Click the Floating Thumbnail and it'll open in a Markup View preview window but not Preview with all of the markup tools you get in Preview. Longtime Mac screenshotters may be slow to adopt the new Command-Shift-5 shortcut, but I find myself starting to use it more for the ability to annotate screenshots without needing to open Preview and quickly delete screenshots that I know immediately I messed up.

The 5- and second delay options are also useful and appreciated additions. Originally published on June 27, Update, Nov. Adding new information about all three of the MacOS screenshot keyboard shortcuts.

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