VLC is a free, open source application that functions as a standard media player and also allows Mac users to capture audio and video Web streams. Click the "Settings" button and place a checkmark next to the "File" and "Display the Stream Locally" option. Click the "Open" button to open the network and save the Web stream.

WireTap is a downloadable program that can be used to record any audio being played through your Mac computer. Then, open WireTap and select the "Mac Audio" option from the source menu. Click the "Record" button to begin recording the Web stream. WireTap will also record any other sounds generated by your Mac computer, so you may want to shut down other applications while recording. IRecordMusic is a browser-based audio recorder. The software itself is a fully functional Web browser that can be used to surf the Web and record any streams you come across.

Click the blue "iRecordMusic" button and select the "Record" option from the drop-down menu.

Сapture Streaming Video on Mac | Record Video Stream on Mac

When you are finished, click the red button and select the "Stop" option. The captured stream will be added to iTunes. Download Download and open the distribution file and follow the installation instructions. Go to the streaming site and cue up the video you want to download. Launch Screen Recorder and draw the orange capture frame over the video area on the screen. You can also open the Capture Area list and choose a preset frame size after drawing an initial frame. The program will end the recording after the designated amount of time has elapsed, so you can leave the computer and get on with your life while the recording is happening.

Click REC and get ready to play your video — you have five seconds. By default, the recording will be saved in MKV format and open in a preview window. If your video contains ads or other parts you don't want to keep, or you want to save it in another format, go on to the next step.

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If you want to remove the unwanted parts of the video, do the following: Now select that segment on the timeline and hit the trash can button. Once you're ready to save the changes and convert the video, click Save As. Now you know how to rip live streaming video on Mac.

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  8. Downloading web content onto your Mac has never been so easy! Please be aware that Movavi Screen Recorder does not allow capture of copy-protected video and audio streams.

    How to Record Your Screen on Mac! (Screen Capture Mac Tutorial)

    Maybe you are watching a video and want to record and save it or you are attempting to show someone how to do something and you think a video would make things easier and be more useful to them? There are many potential reasons to record a video on your Mac, we began this article with just a few.

    How To Record Video On Mac

    There are quite a few ways to record video on a Mac, this article will focus on some of the basic measures including built-in software. Such as with QuickTime and the built-in webcam on a Mac computer. We chose these tools mainly because they are available on mostly all Macs and just about every Mac computer includes a built-in camera these days. The goal is to produce a video file that can be uploaded, edited and shared.

    This article will help you understand how to record video on Mac and learn the simple steps needed to record a video on any Mac computer Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iMac.

    Record your screen in QuickTime Player on Mac

    To start screen recording just open QuickTime, which comes installed by default with your Mac. You should find QuickTime in the dock, if not check Applications in the Finder or press F4 on your keyboard to see if it can be found in LaunchPad. While you may notice other suggestions online for how to record screen on mac, this is the easiest option as it uses QuickTime which comes with most Mac computers.

    A Screen Recording box will appear on your desktop. Click on the white drop down arrow to view more options. You can choose whether to use the built-in microphone or an external microphone for audio, this is one of the most important options. You can also adjust some other basic options such as turning on off visible mouse clicks.

    To record a voiceover when you are recording your video you need to click on the small triangle located by the side of the record button in the recording window.

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    This will enable you to choose the source of your audio. Bonus tip: If you own an iPhone, your iPhone headphones can be used to record your voice while speaking.

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    You can decide to record part of the screen or the whole screen. If you want to record part of the screen all you have to do is click on the red Record button. A message will pop up and tell you to drag to record part of your screen. Drag a the box over the area you want to record it will appear visible marked on your screen. Once you have the area chosen click on the Record button again. You can record the whole screen too, click on the red Record button and then click anywhere on the screen to commence recording, since you did not drag to select an area the entire screen will be recorded by default.

    Pro Tip: If you have multiple monitors only the primary monitor is recorded by default. Once you are finished with the recording right-click on the QuickTime icon in the Dock and select Stop Recording from the menu. This will stop recording video on your Mac and prompt you to save the recording. Once you have recorded everything you wanted, you need to save the QuickTime video.