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Driving ends are annealed to insure them against chipping, making them safe to use. Steel used in all chisels is a special chisel steel. KP6 — Set consists of one each center punch, diamond point, gouge, pin punch, solid machine punch, P10, P14, Mil, M10 and Pll in leatherette kit. Pin Punches Straight Shank —..

P21, P22, P23, and P24 in leatherette kit. P24, P, and P in leatherette kit. They are an extra fine quality drift and the gradual taper makes them especially good for line-up jobs.


Tools are of high quality and will satisfy the most particular mechanic who appreciates good tools. Punch and Chisel Set Tool No. MAC wrenches are hot broached and heat treated in their entirety to provide a long and satisfactory service. Forged from the same high quality steel as all MAC wrenches. Hot broached with six and twelve point openings as listed. These wrenches are designed to give extra leverage for Forged from the same high quality steel as the combination truck, bus and tractor work.

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Some sizes are especially good wrenches, light, strong and easy to handle. Angle Wrenches Angle Wrenches provide access to the work regardless of angle or position. Opening at one end is set at 60 degrees, while the other end is set at 15 degrees. DA16 Tool No. Forged from high grade steel, they are light in weight, strong and tough. Combination Wrench Sets Point Note: KC16 Set of 16 combination wrenches in leatherette kit: Combination Wrenches — Long The MAC series of long combination wrenches are the answer for the mechanic in need of a tool for either general purpose or heavy duty work.

CL40 Tool No. KCL11 Set of 11 long combination wrenches in leatherette kit: KCL16 Set of 16 long combination wrenches in leatherette kit: Wrenches are forged from special alloy steel for extra strength and toughness. Available in openings from 7 to 19 millimeters in one millimeter steps. M17CW Tool No. Size Opening in Millimeters Hex or Dbl.

The open end can be used for speed in running the nut on or off. CLF20 Tool No. This type of wrench does not injure the brass fittings. Mechanics who are servicing refrigeration, air conditioning will find this tool meets their needs. Thin wall open end wrench on the other end for use in close places. COB16 Tool No. Double End Tappet Wrenches Regular style double end tappet wrenches, long design, thin heads and tough. All Mac tappet wrenches are guaranteed when used for tappet adjusting only.

TR to TR inclusive. Double End Tappet Wrenches Regular style tappet wrenches with short length, and thin heads. All MAC tappet wrenches are guaranteed when used for tappet adjusting only. CB12 to CB24 inclusive. C to C inclusive. Tool Opening Service Overall No. S35 Tool No. S93 Tool No. S Opening Tool No. SI 14 No. Points Tool No. S88 Tool No S88—Is spring loaded to facilitate adjustment of overhead valves while motor is running.

Contact point opening or dwell angle can be adjusted while engine is running. Also allows you to get at the nuts hard to reach with other wrenches. Tool has many uses. S3 Tool No. Also used on most models in other cars. Starter Wrench Tool No. SI 16 Tool No. S24 Tool No. Wrench has 6 point box on one end and 12 point box on the other end. S Tool No. S67S Tool No. SB3 and S S7 —Bendix brake adjusting tool—Short Tool No.

S53—Bendix brake adjusting tool—Long Tool No. SI 19 Tool No. S80 Tool No. For Ford cars and cars with Bendix Brakes. S13T is ideal for putting on and taking off springs on'hoods. S62 — Short flat style brake adjusting tool for Chevrolet trucks. S13B—Designed for Bendix Hydraulic brakes but will work on most springs. Socket end fits ovef post and by turning handle will either put on or take off springs. Brake Cylinder Wrench Special wrench designed to adjust hydraulic brake cylinders.

S86—Brake Tool for removing and installing brake return spring in Chrysler products. Brake Spanner Wrench Tool No. SI 15 Tool No. SI 15 — Brake Drum Pullers are furnished in pairs. Used as illustrated these pullers will facilitate the removal of brake drums on all Chevrolet Cars, Models through without hammering or use of heat. Place the chisel end of pullers in holes provided in the brake drum. Drive sharp edge between drum and hub.

With both pullers in place, alternate pressure is applied in direction of arrows. S29 Tool No. S29 Wood Handle Tool No. S29A Tool No. S29A — Special tool for use in spreading and pulling cotter keys. Edge Length Stock No. P30 Tool No. Also an excellent tool for use on all seals where the shaft cannot be removed easily. A few taps with a hammer on back part of tool will remove any front pump seal on any General Motors automatic transmission.

S61 Tool No. S Open end wrench with extra thick heads for use on brass fittings or as a brake adjusting tool. Can also be used as an open end flare nut wrench. Overall Tool No. S91—Special Tool for sealed beam light bulbs in frame on all General Motors cars. Engine Lifting Eye Bolt A size to fit all popularly used spark plug threads.

Assists in lifting engines when screwed into spark plug holes. Male and female squares are provided so that tool can be used as an extension. Length Tool No. M6T — Length 6" Bar has center groove for spinning and friction ball to hold at any given point. Steel shaft is solid all the way through the hartdle so that it can be used as an extension. Reversing is easily accomplished with one hand by use of trigger action reversing lever.

MIR Tool No. The ideal set for work on ignition, carburetor, and small motors. Description Tool No. SM16 Set SM16 —All tools in this 11 piece midget socket set have been carefully selected for use where quality midget sockets and attachments are needed for assembly or maintenance. Set is furnished in attractive metal case and contains one each of the following: Socket Tool No.

All tools forged from fine alloy steel, accurately machined, heat treated, and finished with polished nickel chrome plating. Socket— 8 pt. Socket— M1E 1" Extension 6 pt. Socket— M6E 6 " Extension 6 pt. M5S 5" Spin Handle. Special Uses: XT1 Metal tray only. XT5 Metal tray separate. Deep Tool No. Size Depth Length.

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XT2—Metal Tray Only. Spring tension is easily adjusted and the socket can be easily repaired in the field. All MAC Universal Sockets have a spring tension in the joint so that they will stay in place when putting them on the nut. Size Opening Tool No. XT6 Metal tray only. SX46 With the many difficult spots to reach on late model cars, a Universal socket is almost indispensable.

XDM Tool No. XT7 Metal Tray Only. XB9 Metal Box Only. X6EW An excellent tool for general use where, only a small angle is required. Special Use: Door hinges on Buick when used with special socket XH Easy to apply pressure for maximum leverage. Set includes one each of listed. Forged in one piece from the best alloy steel. Simplicity of design adds strength and durability. All tools are forged from the best alloy steel obtainable for the purpose. Set is furnished in a sturdy and attractive metal carrying box and consists of: All tools are forged from the best alloy steel available.

Set is furnished in an jol No. X17S 17" Spd. X8F 8" Flex. X3U Univ. X7R Rev. XB3 Metal box only. Set No. It is accurately machined to close tolerances and with its tooth mechanism assures close action in the most inaccessible places. Reversing is easily accomplished with one hand by use of the trigger action reversing lever. X7R Tool No. SX Set No. SX—Special Socket Set consists of 10 carefully selected tools to provide quick service on the most popular sizes.

Tools are forged from the best alloy steel available. Set is furnished in attractive metal box and consists of the following tools: Description No. Skt— 6 pt. Skt— X8F 8" Flex Handle 6 pt. Skt— X7R Reversible Ratchet 6 pt. XB10—Metal Box only. SX—Special 19 piece Socket Set. Set is furnished in an attractive compact metal box and consists of the following tools: Tool Tool No.

All tools have been made from the best alloy steel available for this purpose and have been accurately machined to close tolerances to provide quick, accurate, trouble free service. Designed to facilitate spark plug installation or removal. Complete flexibility provided for working in close quarters. Ratchet Spinner — 'A" x 3 A" Service The ratchet spinner is an extremely handy tool for speed in running the nut on or off. It can be used with a ratchet without increasing the socket length. XRS SX except all sockets are 12 point.

XB11—Metal Box only. Can be used with Impac Driver ID Designed for use with tool No. Tool has many other uses. Special Sockets Tool No. Used for tightening steering post supports to eliminate squeaks. X94 GMC Hydramatic. Size Oval Drive Use S. Shock Absorbers—on all model Fords since ; also used on Buick, Nash and other cars. Power Steering—adjustment screw on steering sector shaft on all Chrysler products.

Neoprene rubber retainer for spark plug, incorporated in tool No. VT1 Metal tray only. VT5 Metal tray alone. Spring tension is easily adjusted and socket can be easily repaired in the field. All MAC Universal Sockets and joints have a spring tension in the joint so that they will stay in a place when putting them on the nut. V6R Tool No. It is forged from the finest quality steel and operates on the same principle as the smaller standard ratchet. It is machined to close tolerances, has tooth mechanism and trigger action reversing. Handles are easily changed by removing Allen set screw in head of ratchet.

Ratchet Tool No. VI24 and V to V inclusive. VP8 Not Guaranteed. Hex Plug Wrenches Tool No. Special plug sockets for general use on cars; also used on some connecting rods. Across Round Service No. Replacement easily made in the field. All sockets are forged with deep splines and thin walls. Tools as listed below are furnished in an attractive metal box in the popular red color. V2E 2" Ext. V5E 5" Ext. V10E 10" Ext. V18S 18" Spd. V18T 18" T. V18F 18" Flex Hdl. V 1" Skt. V6R Rev. V3US Univ.

Joint SV26 Standard socket set as listed above with all sockets furnished in 6 point. Standard socket sets as listed above can be ordered out with the Crescent Ratchet, Tool No. SV36 Is furnished with 6-point sockets, otherwise it is identical with set No. VB2 Metal box only. A list of the point sockets and extensions furnished in this set follows: VB2A Metal box only.

Set is furnished in attractive metal box. SVF2 Same Set as listed above in card board box. Complete flexibility provided for work in close quarters. Special adaptors provided for front end alignment. Valve Tool — Tubeless Tires Special tool designed to facilitate pulling tubeless tire valves through the wheel rim to proper position.

Flexible end is threaded to fit all valves. SC54 Tool No. SC58 Tool No. Description Cars SC58 Spreader Jack Comet Falcon In use, the base of the jack is placed against the car frame while the curved end fits the ball joint. Use adjusting nut to apply sufficient pressure so that shims can be either removed or inserted. Not guaranteed. Size Opg. SC43—Special socket for stop light switch on most cars, including General Motors and Chrysler products for year and V24B Special Use: SC17 Ford light switch GE wrench. SC18 Buick instrument panel wrench.

SC19 Buick Windshield Wiper wrench. Square Drive Plugs Plugs are threaded and furnished with bolt, nut and washer for permanent installation on tool cabinets or display boards. SC4 Tool No. SC4—Designed to service Delco distributor head. Distributor points can be adjusted or replaced in the shortest possible time. Can also be used on Plymouth, DeSoto and other cars. Width Thickness I: Adaptors not replaced when square end has been twisted off.

Tool Size No. Like all MAC sockets, our manufacturing process permits the decidedly deeper splines, the thinner side walls without the sacrifice of strength, features found only in MAC sockets. Z2R Tool No. It is positive in action yet trouble free due to limited number of moving parts. Ratchet has tooth mechanism and reversing is easily accomplished with one hand by use of trigger action reversing lever.

Strength and serviceability incorporated in every part. Z 1" Skt. Z 2" Skt. Like the SZ22, it is furnished with a strong and attractive metal carrying box. Like all MAC sockets they have the deeper splines for clearance, and the thinner side walls, without sacrifice in strength. Z2R Rev. Ratchet ZB1 Metal Box only. Packed in a Metal Box containing one each of the following: This not only facilitates the work of the mechanic; it provides a complete set in the 1" Drive that is lighter in weight and cheaper in price. W30H Extension Handle only for use with the following attachments: Positive in action and trouble free.

Reversing is accomplished by pushing lever on top of ratchet head. Reversing mechanism is enclosed in head of ratchet eliminating all obstructions to free use of ratchet. W1R—Ratched Head Only. Extension Handle W30H illustrated above should be ordered also for complete unit. Flex Head Only Tool No.

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To be used with Extension Handle Tool No. W30H Ext. Handle W 2" Skt. W W 2" Skt. Into this socket, forged from a special alloy steel, is brought all the skill and knowledge and experience of years. There are none better. SV8T—Set of eight impact sockets in metal tray: VI to VI inclusive. Extra shallow broach. Overall Skt. End Length. XUI Tool No. Opening Size Outside Diameter Skt. Body Skt. End Dr. Coil Spring around Universal socket provides additional firmness for holding in any particular position to facilitate Spark Plug installation or removal.

Tool also handy for general use. Overall 6 Point 12 Point Size Skt. Size Skt. Special impact sockets designed for use on Budd Wheels. Length No. SZDI—13 pc. Impact sockets or extensions are not guaranteed against breakage or wear but are guaranteed against defects in material or workmanship.

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Industrial users are invited to write for complete specifications on any impact tool listed on these pages. Description Order No. The greater the pressure, the tighter the grip. Plate Order No. Jaws remain locked to the work, with hands removed, often eliminating the need for a helper. VISE-GRIP is actually a portable vise, clamp, adjustable end- wrench, pipe-wrench, super-plier, locking-wrench and toggle- press — all in one light, trim, handy tool.

VR 10" Up to 1 Vz" 19 oz. They provide a range of jaw openings never thought possible in tools of these handy sizes: The 10" size will open wider than an ordinary 15" adjustable end wrench. The 7" size will open wider than an ordinary 12" adjustable end wrench. Both 10" and 7" sizes are available with or without wire cutter.

The new Vise-Grip Toggle-Wrench is actually all these: Adjustable End Wrench. Super Pipe Wrench. Thin-Nose Super Plier. Portable Toggle Press. Locking Wrench. Wire Cutter. Bolt Cutter. Material cannot slip, giving a smoother, more accurate bending and shaping job. Each 18 oz. Vise-Grip Welding Clamp This handy tool leaves both hands free for welding work.

Every Welder needs this clamp. This special tool ovei'comes a difficulty which faces every welder—aligning the parts to be welded—and holding these parts in alignment, so both hands are free for the welding work. Clamps on I-beams, angle iron, and other awkward and hard-to-reach jobs. Position the work with one hand while applying the clamp with the other.

When clamped to the work, both hands are free to do a better job. ODS Kit Complete Not Replaceable An approved tool that will practically eliminate marring finish on wheels when removing large wheel-discs. Will do away with destruction of cups when used for removal as well as in replacing the cups. The main feature of the tool is that of gripping Retainer Cups when removing them, eliminating the trouble and time lost that is usual when makeshift tools are used.

Squeeze the clip and let it come back into the Cylinder, before removing shoe. Made of tough, durable plastic material. Easy to install, full instructions with each pair. Plier loss reduced as light blue color makes pliers easy to locate. Gives maximum handle-grip comfort. PG-6 For 6" Pliers No. PG-8 For 8" Pliers Terminal Crimper and Wire Cutter Made of selected high-grade steel, scientifically hardened to its highest degree — fills all your wiring needs from 22 ga.

Butyrate handles withstand volts. It cuts, and strips wire from 22 ga. Hinged end is designed so as to grab firmly front wheel grease caps which are deeply recessed. Opposite curved handle end prys off all outer hub caps. The plier jaw bites the dust cap with a firm grip. Hammer aids in replacing cap to original position. Adaptable to any make car, truck, bus or tractor. Lifts by the battery case, eliminating possible damage to terminal post. Slip proof, it prevents dropping of battery. Handy grip for easy carrying. BL1 Battery Handler No.

Plastic Handle. Makes these jobs easier than ever. Easy turns of Handle operates a screw within the sleeve on end of Cable, compressing clamp. All sizes of clamps securely held for removal or replacement. Fast acting. Saves costly time wasted in trying to find hidden trouble. Every mechanic needs this set. Packaged 8 sets per card. Riffler type. Contact Point Aligner This tool is designed to fit and move all stationary points in all directions for correct point alignment. Slots in one end can be applied to high speed contact arms.

Opposite end of tool is lever designed so that stationary point can be moved in a lateral direction. Comes equipped with universal attachment. Specifically designed for the automotive mechanic. FL Flashlight Solid drop forged from special analysis high carbon steel. Machine hollow ground and carefully heat treated. Adapted for cutting straight, circular and irregular shapes, scrolls or intricate patterns. Readily cuts circles, squares or any pattern however intricate, from Stainless, Dural, and Monel metals up to 20 gauge. Also cuts ends of tubing, exhaust manifolds, etc. Packed individually.

Overall Length Weight No. Length of Cut Ea. SM-1 Cuts Left 10 in. SM-2 Cuts Right 10 in.

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Heavy-Duty Snips A moderately priced solid steel combination pattern Bulldog Snip for heavy duty work. Will cut curves and irregular shapes in the heavier metals. Short, powerful, tempered jaws — long handles provide extra leverage. Overall Length No. Length of Cut Wt. Each SMA 16 in. Eliminates cut fingers and loss of time removing -ake cups.

Not replaceable. These are available in the following sizes: Small Diam. Contained in a plastic pouch. Totals, 4 Ezy-Outs and 4 drills. A complete set. EP Set. Four drill bits, sizes A", A" and V,". Drill Size Inches Dec. Inches No. Being telescope type, pull inside shaft to length desired, as tool then locks at this point. To release simply squeeze holding point. PJ-1 Pedal Jack Socket holders are 18" in length. Will accommodate 16 sockets, with adjustable sliding.

Mounting holes in heavy steel base permit fastening rack to wall, work bench or inside standard size tool box. Available in 2 sizes. Cadmium finish. Adjustable, sliding, spring steel holders. Reconditions brake cylinders of all sizes. Self-adjusting and self-aligning. It gives a perfect and true polished surface in a minimum of time and effort. Easily used with any electric or hand drill Abrasives are renewable and easily changed. It will clean out Ford V-8 valve guide port holes.

RC A 43" dia. RC 1" dia. RC A ItW" dia. RC IMj" dia. RC 2" dia. RC 2 Vi" dia. RC 2 Ms" dia. RC 3" dia. RC 4Ms" dia. RC 4" dia. RC 5" dia. Hole Saws Only ' Without Arbors. Arbor to Use No. RC with Vi" Elec. Drill Use No.

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RC with Ms" Elec. Drill Not Replaceable No. Used with Vi" and larger electric drills. RC—Arbor with pilot drill for hole saws 1 1 A" and over. Drill Chucks and Keys No. This simple, rugged design positively insures permanent alignment, also provides non-slip front grip plastic handles. Hack sawing is essentially a two- handed operation. The Challenger is the only hack saw that provides a solid, comfortable front-end grip.

HS—Deluxe Tubular Hacksaw. Can be used as a straight back or a tapered back due to the fact that it is adjustable at the handle. The handle and rear portion are a one-piece design with hand aperture large enough for ample knuckle clearance. Red pyralin hand grips give a firm hold and stand out in attractive contrast to the full-plated and highly polished frame. The handle is underslung and designed so power is delivered along the line of the blade. Accommodates all standard blades.

Made by special process from finest tungsten steel assuring tough, uniform temper and degree of hardness throughout the blade. They cut faster, easier, and retain their cutting power longer. Every user of hack saw blades can profit by elimination of breakage, the saving in time, the faster cutting speeds, and reduction of accidents made possible by this remarkable blade.

Has patented clamping action, holds blade in any position, uses any standard hacksaw blade, will cut absolutely flush. Equipped with a standard 6-inch fine-tooth pin type blade—cuts smoothly—re'mvoes very litt'e stock. Easy grip—non-slip, screw type handle adjusts blade tension. Plated and Rustproofed. Four 3A"xy 4 " Ignition Blades: One electrode bending tool. Two straight wire blades: FG-6 This Gauge consists of one each. A small supply of any size stock can be kept in the single end, being pulled out as needed. Our 12" Blades also are handy in these Holders.

The double end holds 2 sizes stock for valve work. One end for intake valves, the other for exhaust values. Mechanics like these Holders. FG Single End—Length: F M1 Double End—Length: The convenient round-type spark plug gauge with sizes.

Also, point bender and adjuster with sizes. Size marking and punched. In ordering merely specify size required, and length. Master Offset Gauge Contains 26 blades of thickness, sizes. Has a wide range of uses where angled blades are required. The ignition blades are in the following sizes: It gives a uniformity and accuracy never before possible with ordinary adjustment methods.

This set will cover 6 and 8 cylinder cars whose points can be set by the feeler gauge method. The crimped wire bristles will wear evenly, thus giving maximum amount of wear right down to the arbor. I HI No. Bristles will not lie down like straight or crimped wire. Curly - heads stand up in clusters of coiled wire. Gets into close corners, valve parts, around bolts, etc. Made of high quality synthetic rubber to resist acid action and retain shape.

BF-6 Battery Filler. High grade brush with long curved handle. Prevents injury to operator shand Just what you need for cleaning dirt, dust and other foreign matter from rims and wire wheels. WB—Length 14" No. The bristles are of nylon which will give long life, and will not swell or deteriorate in solution used. Bristles will not come out. Handle—die cast aluminum. Will not break. Low cost refill. Clean parts with much less effort. Cleans threads.

GB—Brush and Holder No. GBR—Refill only No. Built for standard security. Two coined steel keys. It also has the feature of having a built-in light which will be very helpful to the mechanic. Used to replace the dash starter button on vehicles equipped with a starter solenoid. This heavy duty starter control can be used on vehicles equipped with foot operated starter switches, see instruction sheet included with tool. Electric Testing Tool For Testing: Shorts or breaks in wiring. Radio circuits. Dead battery cells. Stuck Points. Ground circuits. The starter current indicator will indicate load in amperes from zero to The generator current indicator will indicate load in amperes from zero to These testers may be used on 6,12 or volt systems.

Eliminates rust, dirt and corrosion. Will work on both 6 and 12 volt systems. Equipped with pocket clip and automatic disappearing needle, allowing mechanic to carry in shirt pocket. Push nose of the tester against the spark plug insulation or wire, needle automatically pierces the insulation and retracts when withdrawn.

For standard plug terminals merely hold nose against spark plug. Comes complete in a plastic pocket kit. A sales appeal package. Wrenches are bright plated. AW Size. Long No. Following large sizes available: KAW-L All five above sizes in kit. Set KIW Consists of the following: Welder's and Grinder's Goggles The above illustrated goggles are new in construction, giving complete eye safety with maximum comfort. Broader vision with better ventilation. Can be used over regular glasses with complete comfort. Eye cups are light weight plastic. Exclu- sive ray-proof metal side shields protect eyes.

Has covering both inside and outside over the regular No. WG-1 Welding Goggles. GG-2 Grinding Goggles. Full Face Shield I 1 no No.

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Packed in a handy leatherette kit. Each tip is equipped with its rubber base attachment. These are of first quality throughout, built to stand a lot of punishment. Leading Tip and Rubber Attachment in kit. Radiator Solder Tip and Attachment in kit. Paint Burning Tip. Complete Set of Three types in kit. Cleaner For Cleaner For A very popular model. Pliable metal bound replacable win- dow. Formed fibre forehead protection piece. Sweatpad mounted on fibre front band. Fibre top band. Dura-flex long wearing rear band.

Can be used for making single or double flares on soft copper or aluminum tubing. Double flares are an advantage when joints are reconnected frequently. Automotive 4. Format see all Format. All Listings filter applied. Buy It Now. Condition see all Condition. New 4. Please provide a valid price range. Item Location see all Item Location. Default filter applied. Canada Only.

North America. Show only see all Show only. Free Returns. Free shipping. Completed listings. Sold listings. More refinements Additional navigation.